28 March, 2007

Lorca's Guitar Lesson

26 March, 2007

24 March, 2007

20 March, 2007

Self Portrait As A Rainbow

16 March, 2007

Ukulele Heaven

14 March, 2007

Deborah's Orchid II

13 March, 2007

Impossible Book

I thought I was supposed to remember it all...

[Note: Ernesto Priego got tagged with this: “I now propose a new tag: Things which one has read and has been influenced by which are not confined to those paper-bound vessels of the printed word we refer to as books. Let’s call these Non-Books. Or maybe Impossible Books. Or Limen Books? It’s up to you.” And then he tagged John Bloomberg-Rissman. Who tagged me, among others...]

08 March, 2007

My Blue Belle

Like Someone In Love

Deborah's Orchid