29 August, 2007

Terminal Grey No. 2

Terminal Grey No. 2
(2007, Oil on Canvas, 33.4 x 25 in)

The Desire Magneto IV

The Desire Magneto III

The Desire Magneto II

26 August, 2007

Whale And Pelican, Moss Landing, Monterey Bay

Buoy, Moss Landing, Monterey Bay

25 August, 2007

Cypress Grove

Santa Rosalia

15 August, 2007

In The Broken Darkness

It is enough that we once came together. Whatever come, one hour was sunlit. Vanishing hour of clear coolness. The hour of waking together. Loveliest of all things. One sap and one root, the dew upon the leaf. Wild desire, light as the shadow that falls through the pale green water. Desire, not to be kissed away. She lay beside me in the dawn. In the broken darkness. Obscure reveries of the inward gaze. I loved a love once, over beyond the moon there. All the flames are dead and my bewildered heart is cold. The days are not full enough and the nights are not full enough and life slips by like a field mouse not shaking the grass. I walk in the glade, clothed in the tattered sunlight beneath a cold woeful sky. The wind came, and rain, and mist up on the wet road. Empty are the ways of this land.
15 August, 2007
Source: Ezra Pound (“Personae”)

14 August, 2007

On The Gone Waters

All this comes to an end, and is not again to be met with. Flowers to cut the heart. Petals on the gone waters. Willow flakes falling like snow. Tears in the eternal wilderness. The wind blows full of sand. And sorrow, sorrow like rain. Mind full of sorrow. Mind like a floating white cloud. I am shaking and falling. Whirled in a tangle. Scattered like stars or rain. My spirit so high it was all over the heavens. I have no joy in these words. I was drunk for month on month and had no thought of returning. Drift with the drifting water. Aimlessly singing, and the wind lifting the song… And if you ask how I regret that parting: What is the use of talking, there is no end of talking - there is no end of things in the heart. The rain falls and falls, forever and forever and forever.
14 August 2007
Sources: Li Po (tr. Ezra Pound) / Shojo (tr. Ezra Pound) / Motokiyo (tr. Ezra Pound) / Bunno (tr. Ezra Pound)

11 August, 2007

Dead And Damned

My heart cannot shake off its weight. Dead and damned. My mind’s not mine. The flame is in my head and a clamor loud in my ears. I believe in an ultimate and absolute rhythm. A yearning heart. The word which is unutterable. I love the wind and I swim against the torrent. Unto my life no respite is allowed, unless mercy be shown. It is true, I am mad with love. Not possible without love. Imagining the mechanism of memory my mind dances with joy, dances like a mad fool. Tears of enthusiasm. Weather without wind. Memories like old mirrors. Everything is miraculous. A state of perpetual instability. Purified by grief. Too sad to be bearable. We believe in nothing. One either understands or does not understand. Love has utterly ceased. It was easy, in the rising and falling of the smoke and the fire of thought, to sink so deep in desire.
7 August 2007
Arnaut Daniel (tr. Ezra Pound) / Cercalmon (tr. Ezra Pound) / Kabir (tr. Ezra Pound) / Ezra Pound / Remy de Gourmont (tr. Ezra Pound) / Noh Plays (tr. Ezra Pound)

05 August, 2007

Because My Nerves Were So Tense

Because my nerves were so tense, I sensed things with exceptional sharpness. I was swaying, everything was swaying. Nothing more dreadful than all this struggling. The only thing the will has no effect on is the perpetual motion of the brain. It’s bearable, and yet I cannot bear it. My anguish is great, and I weep as I write. The better work men do is always done under stress and at great personal cost. All to no end save beauty. Bare handed the man contends with the sky. It is summer, it is the solstice, the crowd is cheering. I ascend through a canopy of leaves. Among the long black trees. On all sides the world rolls coldly away. The only real way to be ill is to be by yourself. Black winds enter black hearts. I never lost the trance-like feeling that this reality did not exist. By morning I was completely shattered…
4 August 2007
Robert Walser (tr. Christopher Middleton) / Alphonse Daudet (tr. Julian Barnes) / William Carlos Williams / Gottfried Benn (tr. E.B. Ashton)