28 December, 2007

Untroubled By The Distortions

27 December, 2007

Self Portrait In A Wool Sweater

19 December, 2007

Blue Square

Self Portrait With One Eye In Shadow

17 December, 2007

Deborah's Orchid

10 December, 2007

Topographic Study of Flower and Lidded Jar

06 December, 2007

Picture Me

Picture me kneeling in a boat
in the nude

leaning forward
smiling open-mouthed


with tousled hair
holding a medallion with the letters of my father’s name.

Picture me as a beggar
with a plumed beret

leaning on a stone wall.
Picture me with a sunflower.

Picture me seated
with a cigarette

with a glass of champagne
by a window with a view of the Kremlin.

Picture me as a fountain.
As a clown

at the window.
Picture me as winter

with fur hat and dark coat
on a white hunter.

Picture me as a shepherd
with horse and black dog in a landscape.

Picture me as a desperate man,
As a young man

in a blue neckcloth
before a birch wood.

Picture me aged thirty
in the studio

painting The Resurrection of Christ

As A Wounded Man.

Picture me at the age of about forty
on my sixth wedding anniversary

with wineglass
with monocle

with beret and two gold chains.
Picture me

with Jewish identity card
with curly hair

with wide nose
exaggerating my negroid features.

Picture me at the age of sixty
with curly hair and white collar

painting an old woman.
Picture me as an old man

with cropped hair
with spectacles

with umbrella and scarf
in a raincoat, peering.

Picture me as an old woman
in profile, drawing

at the easel
with fur hat and light-colored coat.

Picture me
as the prodigal son in the tavern,

as Bacchus
in a high cap,

as the Apostle Paul
in a straw hat.

Picture me with death playing the violin
in front of a red curtain.

Picture me with mirrors.
Picture me with masks.

Picture me kneeling in a boat
in the nude

with halo
with thorns.

6 December 2007